Treatment with Soliris

Soliris: Reduce Hemolysis and Its Harmful Effects

  • Soliris is the first and only treatment of its kind—for people with PNH.
    It works by stopping your body’s defense system from attacking red blood cells missing an important protective protein. By doing this, Soliris reduces the main cause of serious PNH health problems: ongoing hemolysis
  • Proven results:
    In clinical trials, people with PNH taking Soliris experienced the following:
    • 86% less hemolysis as measured by LDH
    • 92% fewer blood clots,* one of the serious health problems with PNH
    • Reduced the average number of blood transfusions needed by 73%
    • Improved energy and overall quality of life
  • Conveniently dosed
    Therapy is delivered in an infusion for about 35 minutes in adults and 1-4 hours in pediatric patients, and you only need to get them every 2 weeks (after the induction phase of weekly infusions for the first 5 weeks)
* In Soliris clinical trials for PNH, most people also received blood-thinning medicine. The effect of stopping blood-thinning medicine during treatment with Soliris has not been studied.
  • The majority of patients (63%) received concomitant anticoagulant therapy
  • The effect of anticoagulant withdrawal during Soliris treatment has not been studied

Take Control of PNH—With Soliris

Soliris: reduce hemolysis, reduce risk

Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) can be a scary disease. But you don’t have to see it that way. Soliris is a drug that works to reduce the signs, symptoms, and health risks associated with PNH. But in order to understand your PNH therapy, you have to get the facts. This site can help you learn about PNH and how Soliris can work to treat it.